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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Standard Process Day 15

Another good day on the cleanse. I don't want to say it's become easy, but really it kind of has! I really enjoy this way of eating and love how I feel on it.

Today I had one cup of 1/2 caff coffee with soymilk (my bliss).  Then I had a strawberry-spinach smoothie with powder in it...
As a late morning breakfast/early lunch, I had a salad:
fresh local lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, 1 avocado, turkey from Bolton's Farm, and onions. Since I used avocado, I did not need any dressing. I was VERY satisfied after this salad. It was delicious!
I took my lunchtime supplements an hour or two later, but did not make a shake. I was still stuffed from my salad.

As dinner/class approached, I still wasn't hungry, so I just whipped up some juice instead. Even that was pushing it, but I felt okay, just full.
I juiced some celery, cucumbers, carrots, 1 apple, 1 lemon, a little onion, and I think that's it. It was pretty good and I added some ice to chill it.

After class, I was HUNGRY! I came home and even though it was way passed 7pm, I ate turkey salad that I had made for my family for dinner, and some edamame.
The picture of the turkey salad looks a little funky, but it was amazing. I baked 2 turkey breasts (local turkey from Bolton's), chopped onions, fresh local basil, and garlic, and then mixed it all together with white bean hummus. Simple yet fabulous. JP and Ava enjoyed it on an Ezekiel wrap with local organic lettuce, and I ate mine in a bowl, plain.
Oh yeah, I weigh 131 today, making it a 10lb loss on the cleanse to date:)

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