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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Read: Animal Vegetable Miracle

I will admit~ I bought this book on a whim and had no idea what it was about! Somebody somewhere recommended it on the great big interwebs, and I had some amazon credit to burn, so I thought, hey, why not! 

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver is a true story about one family's journey in farming, becoming locavores, supporting the local economy, and eating in season.  The family decided to start in the spring by planting TONS of seeds, kick-starting their journey into eating at home. Their younger daughter took charge of the chicken posse, and even turned their eggs into profits for herself, in saving up to buy her very own horse!  Their older daughter contributes to the book by writing essays, creating meal plans, and transcribing their favorite recipes.  

I loved following Kingsolver and her family as they hosted huge parties for friends and family, just from local meat and dairy, as well as all their crops!  They had to get very creative at times, and sometimes they had to risk looking like weirdos when they wouldn't buy bananas for a relative who was staying with them. It's all very thought-provoking and the end-result is pretty awesome.

Though I don't see myself moving the family to a farm anytime soon, I will take certain parts of their journey with me forever and I am even more excited for CSA and Farm Market Season to arrive!!!!

This review is just me telling you about a good book, because I feel like it! No sponsors, no free samples:)

Check out the book's website here:


Anonymous said...

i read a lot of that book and am even happier to move back south soon... :) you can come visit us on our farm!

Anonymous said...

read a lot of that book and it made me even more excited to move back to the south soon(she's originally from Ky i think, now not but lots of farmland there!) you can come visit us and our land!!!