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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy and Healthy Mom Fair Philadelphia

On Sunday, September 19, I had the pleasure of attending the Happy and Healthy Mom Fair as a guest.  Not only is this a subject near and dear to my heart (and blog!), I thought this would be a great excuse to visit the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  We took Ava in the spring and though she had a ton of fun, she wasn't quite old enough to really get it.

Upon entering the lobby of the Museum, I was instantly awed by the colorful tables set up- there was both an outer circle of vendors and an inner circle. I registered first and received an amazing "swag bag".  Registration was also the table of Belly Button Boutique (AN AWESOME online boutique that features everything a mom or mom-to-be could ever want/need!)- their owner Karla was one of the main organizers of the event (the other was Premier Baby Concierge) so I was excited to meet her in person (we had been tweeting for a few weeks prior).

After meeting Karla and checking out her table, I made my way around to the vendor tables (by now JP and Ava were taking over the Septa bus one room over).  I met another local photographer and traded info with her, learned about some awesome products (KT Steppers, Wrapadoodle, Wow Baby Gifts).  I also got to speak to the owner of Belly Pilates and so wish I lived just a bit closer to her studio because she is more than a pilates instructor~ she has all kinds of support for moms-to-be and new moms, including workshops!

Prizes were raffled throughout the event (I so wanted that Britax Stroller!) and seminars were offered too.

As a mom and a special education teacher, I really wanted to talk to Express Yourself, Baby, but somehow completely missed their table!  I also was hoping to speak to Healthy Fit Girl (so up my alley!), but she was popular and I could not seem grab a moment to chat.

There was one other vendor there that I just loved talking to (though it was brief because Baby A was DONE)--O'Boy Organic!  They offer classes for moms, children's parties, AND they are a personal chef service from beginning eaters to toddler meals. You have to check out their site, the baby meals look good to ME! YUM!

Overall, it was an awesome event and I am so lucky to have participated in it. My husband and daughter loved the please touch museum and the freebies in my swagbag, and they will continue to benefit from all the resources I learned about!

1 comment:

Linda Morrow Photography said...

Hi Caitlin,

So nice to meet you at the fair! Thanks for the mention...and for the email the other day. I'm looking forward to connecting with other photographers in the area. Talk to you soon!