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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. JP and I had an awesome date in Center City on Saturday. Ava was seeing Sesame Street Live with my in-laws and we had to drop two of my photographs off downtown to be judged for a juried art show (they got accepted!!!), so we parked and started walking and we ended up at El Vez. MMM. That guac is to-die-for!

2. Still no soda! Actually, much less DD in the last week, too!

3. After eating out Saturday, we ended up having to grab dinner on the run Sunday evening (we had not planned on it, nor did we prefer to). It was a big issue trying to decide where to eat. J suggested fast food places. I did not want to participate. Him and Ava weren't feeling well and it was getting late so I agreed to go. We got in the drive through and NOTHING looked good. We got Ava chicken fingers (ew), a banana (can you guess where we went?), and milk. They were out of milk, boo. Well guess who refuses to eat chicken fingers? Yup, that's my girl:) We stopped at Wawa for me where I got a turkey sandwhich on wheat and split some mac and cheese with her.

4. We have decided to challenge ourselves to not get any takeout until 10/6 when we go out for sushi to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.  This is good in theory, but I'll be going to NYC with my sister today, so I'll have to break that a little bit, then we'll get back to our plan.

5. I have eaten spinach everyday since Friday. Random huh? I've been making huge spinach salads and soon will freeze it and get back to my smoothies. I buy the huge bag from Costco, but usually cannot get all the way through it before it starts to turn, so I freeze it!

6. I had the best ego boost EVER last week! I had to make a return @ Ann Taylor Loft and had some huge coupons that were going to expire soon.  A sale associate came up to me to see if I needed help and I asked if she had a maroon sweater in a certain size. She looked me up and down and said, "That's not for you is it?" And I said, "Yup, the __ didn't feel right, so I think I need to go up a size". She was not swayed. This turned into a two-hour makeover session. She introduced me to the world of petite sizing (I am 5'2) and hooked me up with beautiful outfits that FIT like a beautiful glove! I felt petite! I felt sexy! I felt WONDERFUL!!!!!!! 

7. Squash is huge in the fall. I just don't love it.

8. I can't wait to take the baby pumpkin picking again this year!

9. We were never big on having fresh fruit in the house and now thanks to Miss Ava, I need it in the house! She just started eating grapes and LOVES them. I had held off due to them being choking hazards, but now just cut them into about six pieces each. It takes two seconds and gives me peace of mind, so it's worth it!

10. Now that Ava is over one year old (she's 18 months), I have started giving her honey. MMMM!!! She LOVES it! I always buy pure local honey, which costs more money but tastes amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Michelle J said...

Congrats on the Ann Taylor make-over! How exciting! I have been wearing petite (well length at least) clothes for years b/c nothing drives me crazier than pants that are too long :)