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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Since I teach, own a photography business, and am a mom and wife, a lot of my posts are set to auto-publish.  Essentially, this blog runs on it's own a lot! I thought it might be fun to try to come up with a weekly feature that is relevant and maybe a little personal, so I am going to incorporate 10 on Tuesday.

1. I have been soda free for one month! I still crave it sometimes, but then I remember that I "don't drink it" anymore, and find something else to drink. Generally I am thankful because what I was really craving was water and I have been feeling much more hydrated.

2. I have Crohns Disease and was diagnosed when I was 10. I had a small bowel resection in 2005 to fix 3 partial bowel obstructions and have been virtually pain-free since then. I have a mild case of Crohns (in my opinion)- no diareah, no huge food aversions, no ultra-skinny body!  Though I would love to be smaller, I am thankful for not having the other issues daily!

3. Though I knew it was against my better judgement, I had 1/2 a cheesesteak and some crab/cheese fries on Sunday and within an hour was so sick! I wasn't sure if it was the stomach virus my family had recently passed around, or a Crohns flare, but as it went on and I didn't have any of the symptoms my family members had, I decided it had to be Crohns.  This scares my husband because he automatically fears that I have new bowel obstructions, but I keep trying to stay calm and remind him that though I've been in remission since the surgery, it's normal to have flares.

4. I'm sick of our meals. I'd love for you to share a healthy family favorite with me!

5. I am still seeing a nutritionist and really enjoy my visits with her. It's totally free thanks to our insurance, but we only get six visits per year, so we have to space them out.  My particular nutritionist is positive and really sweet and has me email her weekly with my list of foods eaten and exercise.  She helped me curb my 4pm pig-outs by encouraging more protein at breakfast.  It's really been helping!

6. I used to drink the coffee at work, but after returning from maternity leave in January, I realized I couldn't stomach it anymore and have become fully addicted to Dunkin' Donuts.  In January, I often allowed myself to eat a breakfast sandwich while I was at it, but thanks to my nutritionist, I realize just how terrible those little sammies are for me, and I do not get them anymore. My body and waistline thank me for that. I'd like to curb my DD habit a bit, but I really, really look forward to my delicious beverages after seeing students!

7. My go-to breakfast has been coffee, zucchini muffins, and sometimes a hard-boiled egg as well. Mmmm. My husband HATES hard-boiled eggs. The smell makes him sick. I don't get it.

8. I wish I lived on a farm without having to do any work. I hate getting dirty.

9. I flirt with the idea of cutting out all processed food, but am still really not sure if I could handle it.

10. I need to exercise way more than I do. I think about it, I really do, I just always find something better to do!!!!


Jennifer Parke Photography said...

I love this post! I can't wait to see more! And props on not drinking soda! It is so hard to quit!

Michelle J said...

Hey - I am also giving up soda - it's hard! Esp. b/c I also gave up ALL artificial sweetener so finding something low cal to drink is hard :( Anyway, on the exercise front, have you ever tried Zumba? It's the most fun workout class I have ever taken. You should find one near you and give it a try - I think you'll like it! I actually enjoy going!