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Friday, March 18, 2011

Money-Saving, Time-Saving, Health-Saving Tips from Whole Foods

I found this great little list in my Whole Foods Circular. I especially love #1, #3, and #4, I already do 3 and 4 but want to start incorporating #1 more.

  1. Freeze Peeled Bananas and other ripe fruit for smoothies with no ice needed.
  2. Substitute "soda" with sparkling water- naturally flavored (no artificial additives) or with just a splash of 100% juice.
  3. Keep organic chopped spinach in the freezer for sprinkling into smoothies and soups.
  4. Prep and cook on a day off for an easy healthy week: soup, beans, cut veggies, salad dressing, dips and spreads, steamed and roasted vegetables.
  5. Make herbal teas your main-stay before meals, after meals, and between meals. Discover the wide variety of flavors, some naturally sweet, and brew your own for the best value.
Got any to add?

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