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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Farms are WONDERFUL for Kids!

I really loved this post from Mrs. Q about all the reasons she loves farms.  She talks about the under three crowd and how farms are the perfect platform for learning and having fun, and I couldn't agree more!

This part says it all:

My kid loves going to the farm. There is a small touristy (but functional) farm not too terribly far away and we go there more often than we go to the zoo. I wish every kid could have access to a working farm. There's so many opportunities for learning as it offers a language rich environment (labeling animals and farm equipment, actions, cause and effect, etc). There are fewer animals in cages too. Not that I have a problem with zoos, but somehow it's different seeing a domestic animal behind bars.

Actually the farm is quite possibly the perfect place for children under three. Looking through various park districts' catalogs, there are tons of programs open to children three and older. But the little guys? Well, there is story time at the library and "play dates" with other mommies and kids, but for the under three set there's "gymbor*ee" and that's about it. Sometimes I feel doomed to letting someone run around at a playground, the pool or in the mall (admittedly there are few complaints).

For a toddler the farm is practically titillating! I mean, there's poop and smells of unknown origins. Then loud "cock-a-doodles" coming out of nowhere to startle you. And cows with soft mooooos. The big wheels of a tractor to kick and try to climb. Little homeless kitties running here and there. My kid is in heaven.

What local farms do you like to visit with your family?


1 comment:

Heidi said...

I've haven't managed to get to one yet, but there's a local farm here in Maryland that I'm dying to take my daughter to. It's got a petting zoo and a maze filled with Mother Goose giant statues.

I'm hoping the heat dies down a little soon so we can head out!