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Monday, February 15, 2010

And...we're back!

Secretly on 2/7, we left for Baltimore and cruised to Florida and the Bahamas! It was really chilly for most of the trip but we had a great time. We have actually not traveled with Baby A until now, so we did not know what to expect.   Thankfully, A eats a lot of regular/real food in addition to her bottles, so we didn't have to worry about pureeing ANYTHING.

Above is Baby A at the buffet with one of her favorite members of staff, Nur.

We packed:
a bag of cheerios
sippy cups
a nalgene bottle to keep stocked on water for bottles/sippies
tons of bibs

Baby A ate:

At breakfast, we always went to the buffet.
She enjoyed a variety of-

scrambled eggs
diced fresh fruit 
plain yogurt 
(the other kind was light & fit--which I didn't give her due to the artificial sweeteners)
pieces of pancakes
pieces of pancakes
pieces of bagels

For lunch, we generally ate in the buffet, was relaxed and easier than the nice dining room. We were usually in the dining room for dinner. Our main rule of thumb was- no seafood, no strawberries (she hasn't had them yet), and it has to be soft enough to cut up and for her to gum.

Lunch & dinner foods included-

veggie soup
minestrone soup
navy bean soup
wheat baguettes 
(great for teething too!)
different varieties of pasta
(penne & sauce, farafale & turkey etc)
baked potatoes
mashed potatoes
cut up chicken
fresh fruit
stir fry

Those are just off the top of my head. She missed the awesome Bahamian meal we had because she was sleeping- I probably would have only given her the rice and beans we ate, and not the conch, but she was OUT!
Baby A LOVED sampling the desserts which were oh so plentiful! Her favorites included ice cream and warm melting cake. YUM!

My main goal was not to order off the "kid's menu" because she has never had chicken nuggets, fries, hot dogs, etc. It's a combination of two things- 1) I don't even think she could eat them at this point, teeth-wise. 2) I want to avoid fried foods as often as possible. 

Will I be one of those moms who NEVER lets her kid had those yummy things? Of course not! But I plan to make sure she eats "real meals" more often-- basically, she eats what we eat, unless we're eating crap:) haha!

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