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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sippy Cup Heaven

Baby A does not take a bottle to fall asleep, and she does not seem deathly attached to it, so we decided to begin the switch to sippy cups. She's been drinking water from sippies for the last few months and does pretty well with them, except some leaking (from her mouth, not from the cup!).

Last weekend, starting with the first drink of the day, we used a sippy instead of a bottle.  One week later, we are still going strong. We use a variety of brands, including Explora- our new and current favorite!
They're about $4 and last week were on sale at Babies R Us for buy one get one half off-awesome huh?  I love the trendy pictures, the handle grips and the soft spout!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Caitlin! I love your blog (so glad I found this one!) I am passing on a Beautiful Blog Award to you! You can find it on my blog at! Have a great day - see you soon!