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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obesity: A Family Affair

Due to President Obama's health care initiative (including Mrs. Obama's childhood obesity initiatives), healthy living has been in the news a lot.   This morning, I read a New York Times article about obesity in children and how, along with society, parents are often to blame.  Check it out here.
I do agree that a conscious effort is required to live healthfully. It's so easy to get pulled in the undertow of life and get "out of control".  I often use that phrase (out of control) to define how I feel when we get too busy- we eat out too much, spend too much money and just don't have the time to take a minute to pre-plan and turn it around.

I will say- as with any situation- there are ALWAYS exceptions.  Sometimes disease is to blame, socio-economic conditions, etc, and this is where Mrs. Obama's plan comes in- she wants to make fresh food available EVERYWHERE. 

As a teenager when I went out with friends, I remember thinking, well I should get McDonalds because it's cheaper than buying a salad. Or, I might as well get soda because water costs the same (or more sometimes) and I will "get more" out of it. Eesh.   Every once and while I still slip into those ideas, but I am USUALLY able to be more rational.

That brings me to another idea. I have long thought of seeing a nutritionist, but for varying reasons.
When I was younger it was because I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. I went the medication route (along with the support of my mom), and my girlfriend decided to treat hers with diet/nutritional counseling-- avoiding certain foods, mainly.  Oddly enough, we ended up having major surgery within one short year of each other, so that just goes to show that it's not always cut and dry.

As I got older, I thought a nutritionist could help me learn to eat better, and leading into pregnancy and now motherhood, I have found myself considering it again.  As a teacher, I always think education is the best way, but like anything, money does thwart your plans sometimes... :)

What do you think about Mrs. Obama's childhood health plans? 
What about seeing a nutritionist for family meal planning/education?


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