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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February! Have you eaten breakfast today?

Eat Better America has made it easy to make breakfast a priority in your life (by the way- check out the website, it's pretty cool and they have a free newsletter you can sign up for).

Recently, we have been much more aware of eating breakfast. The hubs used to get breakfast at work- omelets, fried potatoes, maybe a donut here and there....  I'm so proud of him for taking charge and taking steps to eat a healthier breakfast.  If he eats at work, he gets an omelet stuffed with veggies.  Lately, he's been loving variations of Special K, so he takes that and buys skim milk in the cafeteria. 

I go between not eating breakfast and then trying to find balance. Like many, I prefer a fatty breakfast sandwich, but my waistline does NOT prefer that. So...this morning Baby A and I ate together- me: chobani yogurt with granola added, A: yobaby yogurt and cheese. Balance.

Anyway, on to the article:

The Case for Breakfast

The Case for Breakfast

The more the evidence piles up in favor of eating breakfast, the more remarkable the meal becomes.

So instead of hitting the snooze button, hit the kitchen table and start each day with these perks and more:

• Several scientific studies suggest that eating breakfast is associated with a healthier body mass index. Start the morning with enough breakfast to feel satisfied, and you may reduce the total calories you eat throughout the day.

• A recent study showed that eating breakfast cereal—was one of six healthy behaviors linked to a lower lifetime risk of heart failure .

So you know breakfast is good for you. But do you know how to make it happen every day? Easy! Just stock up on the right kind of stuff so you can include a mix of the following every morning:

• whole grains (whole grain breads, cereals, English muffins, bagels)
• protein (low-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese)
• vitamins and fiber (fruits and whole grain cereal or breads)

Get started with these quick ideas with plenty of nutrients:

• Parfait: Yoplait® low fat yogurt or Yoplait® Light layered with a Wheaties® or Fiber One® and fresh berries.

• Breakfast sandwich: Vegetarian sausage patty or two scrambled egg whites or one whole scrambled egg on a whole grain English muffin or bagel, eaten with an orange.

• Better bowl: Cheerios® or Total® with fat-free or low-fat milk along with fresh peach slices.

Smoothie: Yoplait® low fat yogurt or fat free or low-fat milk whirled with Cascadian Farm® frozen fruit and Fiber One® cereal.

• Make ahead: Bake some muffins Yogurt-Bran Muffins and enjoy with a glass of fat free or low-fat milk or soy milk and a grapefruit.

• Grab and go: A Fiber One® Chewy Bar, apple or orange, and fat free or low-fat milk or Yoplait® yogurt.

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