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Monday, March 22, 2010

Go ahead, slice your own veggies!

Your wallet will thank you. I always knew there was a markup on bagged salads vs. buying a head of lettuce, but Trent over at The Simple Dollar has put it into concrete numbers for us.

Check out the article here.

Hey Devon, I bet you love this article:)

Trent highlights several different buy-fresh scenarios but I particularly liked this one:

Celery sticks? I can buy a bag of celery for $1.49 or I can buy about three containers of pre-sliced sticks for $1.99 each. I spend about four minutes cutting the sticks and it saves me $3.47 – or about $52 over the course of a full hour.

Eesh!  I do prefer to buy produce as is, not pre-washed, pre-sliced, pre-etc..., but every once and awhile I do grab a bag-o-salad out of convenience, but it does add up, so thanks for the reminder!
Do you buy any of these convenience-packed produce options? How do you justify the costs?


Mama said...

Blick. Celery is nasty.

C said...

Not the celery part, turd! The MONEY-SAVING part!!!!

Mama said...

oh. lol.

i couldn't get past the large picture of celery.