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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Awesome TV Shows

Wow, chef Jamie Oliver is really tackling the obesity epidemic.  He has two shows coming out soon that focus on both meals at home and at school.

The first show premieres tomorrow night on abc--Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Set your dvr for 8pm for a two hour special.  From ABC's website:

Jamie is inviting viewers to take a stand and change the way America eats, in our home kitchens, schools and workplaces with the thought-provoking new series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which has a special sneak preview SUNDAY, MARCH 21 10|9c on ABC, followed by a 2-hour premiere on FRIDAY MARCH 26 8|7c.

In the six-part series, Jamie heads to Huntington, West Virginia. Why? Well, Huntington has been called the unhealthiest city in America. Jamie wants to do something about that. Through his efforts in this one town, he hopes to start a chain reaction of positive change across the country.

Awesome. My dvr is set!!!  My sister told me about another show coming up also by Jamie Oliver on TLC: Jamie's School Lunch Project.  We actually had a funny conversation about the new shows--

D-Did you hear about the new show by that chef...Jamie Oliver?
C-Yea! This week on ABC?
D-No, it's on in May on TLC.
C- What? The one where he goes to people's homes?
D-No, what? He's taking over school lunches.

HA! Little did we know there were TWO shows!

Will you be watching tomorrow night? I am psyched!

In searching for a photo for this post, I came across this book by Jamie Oliver. I might have to check this one out!

[If you're in google reader, click over to the blog to see it.]

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