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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. The Smoothie Challenge is dead in the water. Oops. It's been cold, we've been busy, and we were away for a couple of days. Oh well it was a nice thought!

2. Instead of buying lunch meat this week, I bought a chicken! And roasted it! I am SO very impressed and excited!!!!!!  This was my first roast and really was pretty easy.  I am going to try my hand at making stock tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.

3. The other day, I was starving around lunchtime. I hadn't packed a lunch because we had been away and the fridge was bare.  I had the baby with me and since she is going through monstrous teething right now I felt bad and didn't want to drag her into a store or restaurant, so I ran through the list of drive-throughs I would pass on my way home and after much internal debate, I couldn't even pick a place to be remotely interested in, so I headed home. I scraped together some nachos with local cheese (garlic and chive flavored!), black beans, and fresh salsa mmmm.

4. Did you know Genuardis has sushi? It's really quite delicious! I've only had the California Rolls (I THINK that's what they are) from there, but they're great!!! Nice to switch up lunch on-the-go sometimes.

5. I am still lessening my take out and am doing better with being prepared at home so I can 1) eat before I leave or 2) pack something to go.

6. I am holding strong with not drinking soda, I don't even want it any more! I just passed the two-month mark, yeah!

7. Mommy-and-Me yoga ends this week. I am so sad! We both really enjoyed it!!

8. Though I'd like to look into taking another class with Ava (yoga will not be offered in her age group until she's older), I am going to take a breather until after the holidays.

9. On Sunday, we headed into Center City to check out the PHOTOgraphy 2010 Show at the Philadephia Sketch Club- it's their annual juried art show and I got TWO of my photographs in the show!!!!!

10. Last weekend, we headed to Linvilla Orchards and had the most delicious treat ever---PUMPKIN funnel cake! HEAVEN!!!!!! It was sweet enough to last me until next year, but what a yummy idea!!!

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