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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ten Tips for Healthier Breakfast

This is perfect for busy moms....especially new moms and those moms getting kids out the door in te morning!

Ten Tips to for a Healthier Breakfast
  1. Instant Oatmeal- choose one that is not pre-sweetened. Sweeten with raisins or fresh fruit.
  2. Smoothies- low-fat milk or yogurt, a banana and a blend of fresh or frozen fruit are all you need. Add spinach if you want to pack in more nutrients!
  3. 100% Whole Grain, Fiber-Containing Cereals- use low-fat or fat-free milk. Whole wheat muffins with smashed banana are another easy and tasty choice.
  4. Eggs! Boil, scramble, or poach eggs and serve on whole-grain toast.
  5. Toaster Treats- frozen whole-grain waffles take almost no time to make. Top them with berries, low-sugar applesauce or sliced bananas instead of syrup (yogurt works well, too!).
  6. Nuts-spreading peanut or almond butter on whole-grain toast is a great way to get protein+fiber.
  7. Fruit- fresh chunks of fruit with a dollop of low-fat/fat-free yogurt is a great way to start the day. Apples contain fiber and bananas contain potassium.
  8. All-Fruit Spreads- substitute butter or margarine on toast with all-fruit spreads, fruit butters, or even sliced bananas or strawberries.
  9. Bagels- try whole wheat or sunflower seed bagels with low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter.
  10. On-the-go: Keep whole-grain mini bagels on-hand, muffins, nuts, dried and fresh fruits that can easily be taken to the car.

Thank you to Empower Me for the great hand-outs at CHOP's Healthy Kids Day.

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