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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I told you I had my first sushi a few weeks ago. I LOVE it now! I have been getting it once a week for lunch at Genardis and now they make it with brown rice YUM!
  2. We were gifted a box of organic fruits and veggies (that were delivered to the door!) and it was really exciting for me!!! We received beets which we do NOT eat, but guess what? We ate them, and they were REALLY good (recipe to follow)!!!
  3. It kinda makes me want to join a CSA. Well, I've always wanted to join a CSA. They're just so expensive, but maybe it IS worth it. If you're local to me, leave me a message if you are a part of a CSA (organic is a bonus).
  4. We have not been having a good run around here--still on the backend of teething for Baby A, we've had two deaths in the family, and some major work stress. That being said, I really have not been resorting to comfort food at all- just keep eating my normal food which is really big for me.
  5. I still want to be a runner. I still do not run.
  6. I tried a new fresh, local, seasonal restaurant Sunday and LOVED it! I love finding new awesome restaurants!
  7. I continually find my taste buds wanting more. More flavors, more spice, more excitement. Anyone else like this? I ate a roasted pepper crab bisque recently and it was simply amazing!
  8. I am looking forward to a date a few weeks from now when I'll be getting together with Kate for a morning of cooking lessons! YEAH!
  9. I found a new wonderful website called Fair Food Philly, you must check it out, and request your FREE guide here!!!!!
  10. I'm just wondering what's new with you? Where have you been eating? What have you been cooking? 

1 comment:

Larann said...

i want to be runner too and totally am not so i found the app on my phone called C25k (couch to 5k) it's really easy! and works so far! and now i've signed up for my first 5k in november! i journal about it on our site:)