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Friday, October 22, 2010

Make Your Own: Chicken Stock

So, as I told you, I roasted my first chicken the other day. I stripped it of all it's meat and then threw the carcass into a large pot.

With the help of the internet and Jamie Oliver, I covered it with water, added veggies (onions, garlic, carrots), spices (pepper, salt), and brought it to a boil.

After a nice boil, I turned the stove to simmer, covered the pot and let it sit for an hour or two. YAY!

Because I love roast chicken, and eat it on a regular basis, I am now in a routine where, before doing the washing up, I throw the carcass and any tasty scraps and scrapings from the roasting and carving tray into a pot.

Afterward, use a sieve to strain all the bones and chunks out of the broth and voila, chicken stock!


Rachel Light said...

I also did this myself last week for the first time... not that it appealed to me that much, but more because I had the remains of a chicken and wanted to try it. We like roast chicken, but usually just end up throwing out the bones and all the rest. I made a so-so chicken corn soup with the stock, but will probably use the rest for other recipes. (I definitely should have added garlic to mine!) My husband and I were having soup for dinner last night and discussing how neither one of us is really a fan of chicken soups... I guess it was more to prove I could do it!

Jennifer Parke Photography said...

I just made this - but am not sure how to store it now (Not a great planner ha ha) how did you store it???

Caits said...

I just put it in Tupperware!