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Monday, December 27, 2010

JOGGER LOVE! The Joovy Zoom 360!!!!

Our sweet new jogger arrived last week courtesy of my dad who picked it up in Dallas on his way up here for the holidays!  I went with the Joovy Zoom 360 (the front wheel can be locked, or can swivel).  We were not going to invest in a jogger as we already have a really nice stroller, but when we won a photo contest and hence won $100 to the Joovy website, I had an easy sell to the hubs.

The stroller is black and came with a compact tire pump that gets stored in the basket under the stroller, and a rain/wind cover! Like all Joovy's the sun canopy is HUGE.  It's only halfway down in the above image. 

I also picked up a Urban Toddler Bundle Me on amazon to give Baby A some added protection which is very necessary when running in Philadelphia in the winter!

I could not believe how smooth the ride was compared to running with a non-running stroller. It glided over the sidewalks, up and down curbs, and over cracks and dips!  Sweet A seemed happy and content and even passed out from minutes 25-30:) After 30 minutes, I was finished, so I took off the rain cover to snap a photo and she popped up awake!

There is a big difference in running solo and running with your 25lb toddler + her sweet new stroller, I was feeling it in my arms on the way back (which was uphill). I have a feeling this will give me a better workout, and will help amp my upper body workouts (which are currently nonexistent)!

Yahoooooo! Thanks, Joovy, for making awesome products (btw- they're customer service is nothing short of EXCELLENT. I have been on the phone with them several times for ordering purposes and they are just so friendly and helpful!!), thanks Dad for picking it up and driving it 22 hours to your favorite daughter (ha!), and thanks hubby for your ever-loving support, both for your wife and her crazy adventures (running, who, me?) AND for her border-line obsessive love of strollers!!!!!!!

This post is not sponsored. I just love Joovy. And my dad. And my husband. And running. And my baby girl!!!!!!!! :)

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