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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My CSA: Palovchak’s Produce

Palovchak’s Produce, located on Koeger’s Farm in Doylestown, is a farm offering CSA full and half shares.

Their weekly distribution of either a Full or Half Share includes a total of 7 to 10 different fruits, vegetables and herbs, depending on the time of the growing season. They are family owned and operated and they grow their produce organically using compost as the primary source of fertilizer.

I had debated joining a CSA for a few years, and after seeing Gail and John’s six-week extension, I decided this was the chance I needed to take a trial run in the world of CSAs.

Week One was exciting and a little overwhelming, but I was able to email Gail for clarification on two of the items I had received. She responded promptly with the names of the items and links to webpages about them! Each pick up has been so pleasant — kind, informative, and they seem so proud and happy that people are LOVING their delicious produce.

My 18-month-old has a varied palate, much better than mine ever was as a kid, but we are all learning together. Never did I think my husband or I would eat brussels sprouts, beets, or rutabaga (let alone LOVE them!) Nor did I know what bok choy, escarole, or daikon radishes were . . . but I now recognize them AND I know several ways to cook them!!!!

Palovchak’s Produce
1541 Lower State Road
Doylestown PA 18901

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