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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have eaten way too many cookies and way to M&M's this week, in fact, so has Baby A (M's? Mommy? Peez?  Tookie, too? Soon?), but I am not concerned, because this is the first Christmas season that I have consistently worked out! Go me, go me, go me!
  2. We have our new jogger and I am in love. It's a much harder workout but I am inspired.
  3. What do you think about when you work out? I find myself focused on my daughter. My beautiful toddler. I want to show her a healthy way of life. I want to be healthy for her. I think about my own mother, who died seven years ago at the young age of 46. I think about the strong link to breast cancer (mom and grandmom had it) in my family and how I want to make my body has healthy as possible to not encourage those stupid genes from setting up shop. Sometimes I tear up, but they're happy tears because I know I am on the right track. (Don't worry-  I just get a tear that does not exit my eye....hahahah I don't run down the street sobbing!)
  4. I just ordered: Real Food: What to Eat and Why with an amazon gift card (free, yeah!) and it cannot get here quick enough. I read some great reviews on it and knew it was a must-have for my collection.
  5. I have noticed the more I surround myself with healthy, fresh, straight from the farm blogs, books, and food, the more natural it is for me to live that way. I used to buy Tuna Helper and eat greasy crap from drive throughs and now I cannot stomach the thought.  I have an occasional treat (like Chickie and Pete's crab fries!), but like I said, it's occasional, and I try to not over-indulge.
  6. I am still on break for another week, yay! I so need the time to catch up and recharge.  Next week will be the year anniversary of me returning to work from my nine-month-long maternity leave. My good friend is about to return after a ten-month-leave and I feel her pain. It was a REALLY hard transition for me and I do not wish it on anybody. 
  7. Sometimes I get really sweet emails and blog comments from people saying they have been inspired by something they have read on my blog, that just warms my heart!
  8. Thanks to an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, I had a dream I was on SNL as a cast member (my dream come true!) and that I MADE OUT with Andy Samberg! HAHAHAHHAHA! My hubby and I had a good laugh over that:)
  9.  Not quite ready for the doldrums of winter. No Christmas lights, no CSA pickups, snow and ice on the ground inhibiting nice, long runs.  I still plan to run outside as long as it's safe out. I have a back up plan though, I borrowed the advanced Zumba DVD from my sister, so at least I have a decent hour long workout when I need it:)
  10. Do you set resolutions? I don't. But I feel like I want to this year. We shall see!

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