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Friday, December 17, 2010

Week Seven, You Almost Killed Me

As you know, I have been taking part in a nine-week running program.  I have come very far, have dropped several pounds, and have gained an immeasurable amount of pride in my personal strength and endurance (that I never knew I had!).

About two weeks ago, I came down with a nasty stomach virus. It lasted about 3 or 4 days but I was dehydrated and fatigued for days after that. I completed two runs within two weeks which was a sad decline from 3x per week.

I started to get a bit nervous, "What if I've lost my strength? Do I have to start at week one? What if I start making excuses and don't get back to it?????"

Seeing as though a lot of people (family) are following my progress, I knew I had the support to continue so I decided to go easy on myself until I got back into my groove.

I went for a run Saturday and it sucked.  It was before a session and I was tired, hungry and freezing (bad combo apparently) and had to walk 2x in my 25 minute run. I was upset and tried not to get down on myself. I planned to run Sunday but it poured rain all day. Monday-Wednesday was my last week at work, so I was strapped for time and my energy was zapped. Plus, it was like 15 degrees out.

Last night, the hubs came home from work and settled in to play with my daughter. I took that as a motivator and ran upstairs to get changed. It was dark, freezing (had snowed most of the afternoon), and I was a little tired for a longggggg day of shopping at the King of Prussia Mall, but I went for it!

And it was good.

I ran the whole time, got into a sweet groove, and when I came back in, had FROST on my headband thanks to my sweat mixing with the frigid temps! HA!!! I loved it!  According to Cool Running, I ran 2.256 miles, which means I need to pick up my pace eventually (just a little really), but when it's THAT cold outside, and when I look back to October where I was a NON-RUNNER, I'll take it!

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! Baby, I'm back.  Bring it, Week 8!

The D's at Breakfast with Santa
[Baby A is terrified of him!]


Anonymous said...

Well done!
I, too, am doing the C25K and as a non runner, I can proudly say I have made it to week 3 but have not gone running in 2 weeks due to snow, babies etc.....I first heard about it from you so thank you for the you think your weight loss is directly from running 3x times per week or have you also been eating healthier? Good luck! The end is in sight!

Larann said...

I am so very proud! And jealous. Man I gotta get my butt going.. Keep it up!! I look up to you!

Caits said...

Awww thank you, Lara!!!! YOU got me started, so I look up to YOU!!!!!

Caits said...

Dear Anonymous,
GO you!!! That is awesome!!!!

I do think it's directly related...because I went from doing nothing physical to running 28 minutes consecutively...big change. We did the CSA which helped but I think it was more the physical activity!

Keep it up girly!