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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday [On Wednesday].

  1. My photography business was featured on the Philly Photo Betties website!! How cool is that? They even interviewed me!! EEEP!!!!
  2. On Monday, the picture to the left won a photo contest and landed me $100 to the Joovy website. Oh how I love our Joovy stroller. Do I be practical and get the sit-and-stand for the next child (which is a few years away), or do I go for the gusto and get the jogger??
  3. I was given the opportunity to test some Truly Custom Crunch this week. More on that later, BUT I will tell you I ate two bags in two days. I am gross but it was soooo worth it!
  4. I am letting myself go easy with the running right now. The week of my stomach virus, I only ran once instead of 3x.   The next week, I ran twice and this week so far I ran once. It's like 10 degrees with snow on the ground, and I have some kind of cough/congestion, so I'm going to run when the opportunity presents and not be hard on myself about it. Sound like a plan?
  5. My first 5k was announced last week--April 30th, for Mommy's Light! Who's with me??
  6. After today, I will be on break for two blissful weeks from teaching! Woo hoo!!!
  7. This weekend, I get the INSANE pleasure of doing a maternity session for a couple who was told over and over there was no way they could have kids!
  8. One of my photography clients discovered my blog this weekend and made the sweet potato soup and applesauce. Her hubby had been giving her a hard time for being so excited about "mom blogs" but after he enjoyed some delicious food, he told her he understood her new addiction and supported it, as long as it yielded yummy treats for him!!! :)
  9. I am SUPER excited to do a mall trip this week with my sister, aunt, and our two babies. We're going to do Build-A-Bear and I'm giving my sister a fun makeover! Any suggestions on where we should start (store-wise?)?  (PS~ The makeover was at her request, she recently lost some weight and looks and feels GREAT so we are going for it!!! YAYYYYY!)
  10. Well, I hear a certain 20-month-old yelling for ELMOOOOOOOOO from her crib, so my time is up!

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