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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week Nine, Baby and It Feels GOOD!!!!!!!!

I am a Couch 2 5K graduate!!!!

Last night, in the dark, in the snow (on the ground), in 30-degree-weather, I completed Week Nine, Run #3! I ran longer than I was supposed to and my grand total was 3.794 miles!!!

Want to know the best part? I felt AWESOME before, during and after.  As I was looking around, I could not believe how far from home I was (in running terms). I was a hot mess when I got back, sweaty, red, and my thighs were burning, but man, what a rush!!!!!!
Where will I go from here? Well I need to run in an actual 5k Race. The first I'd like to run is the Mommy's Light 7th Annual Race for Traditions on April 30.  I'd also love to do the Tex Mex 5k June could I not, I live so close to it and you get a free beer and taco wrap afterwards!!!

I love it. I love who this has turned me into- a confident, fit mama.  It's so easy to get down on yourself, especially after having a baby, when you just don't quite look how you would like to (yes it's worth it, but we still want to look cute, right?) and it's hard to make time for yourself, but this is free, can be done anytime, and ohhhhhh!!!! it's good to get some ME-time!!!

Thanks for all the support...I will keep you updated, I still plan to run 3x week. :)

What a change....this is me shortly after having Ava, in the summer of 2009.

Here we are 15 or so months later...
With Ava I gained 34lbs.
When I got pregnant with her, I weighed 10+ lbs more than I do today.
Crazy, right?

Who wants to sign up for a 5k with me!?

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