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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday [Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaa!]

  1. It's Christmas week! It feels really surreal but I am thrilled beyond belief, especially since we have three very awesome family members coming into town in the next two days (my dad included!)!!!
  2. I haven't baked any Christmas cookies but I feel fine about that because then I would eat all of them. I'm not a baker. I don't know why, I just do not prefer it. So I eat the cookies my mother-in-law bakes:)
  3. Speaking of my awesome dad, he headed over to the Joovy warehouse on his lunch yesterday to pick up our brand-new jogger! We went with the Joovy Zoom 360 in black and got a sweet discount thanks to our winning a photo contest and thanks to my negotiation skills (pick up instead of shipping cross-country!).
  4. I miss our CSA. Oh did I say that already? Well I do. And I hate that I am back to planning meals again. And paying for produce. POOP!
  5. My last meal before my stomach bug was sushi. I had tons of it that weekend. I'm not quite ready to stomach it again, even three weeks later. I went from sushi-mania, to eh.
  6. Can you believe I am still soda-free? Four months and counting. It's great. I just drink water. And sometimes I STILL feel dehydrated which is silly because I drink water all the time, but I cannot imagine how I would feel if I was drinking soda. For some reason I always had a tough time turning it down whether we were eating out, eating at family's house, or if we had it on-hand at home.  Totally saving money by not buying soda, too (don't worry, I cancel out the savings by buying grass-fed organic milk and almond milk).
  7. We went out to eat two weeks ago and Baby A insisted upon eating red onions, olives, and cherry tomatoes out of our house salad! Too funny! She is just a nut sometimes.
  8. Last night we made last minute plans to go to my mother-in-law's house since my husband's grandmother is in town for the holidays. I had been planning to go for a run and was nervous about de-railing with the craziness of the upcoming week, so I changed into my running clothes and went for a run around my mother-in-law's neighborhood.  Who am I? I love it.
  9. I have decided that running in the 50's was very comfortable. Running when it's 40 degrees out is chilly. Running when it's 30 degrees out is INVIGORATING! How about 20 degrees? We shall find out soon I'm sure. I keep having to cut my warm up short because I am so cold that I need to GET MOVING ASAP!
  10. I love cooking and experimenting for my family but for some reason when I think about having company over, I have no idea what to make for them. I worry about them not liking the types of food we eat, I mean, who really eats rutabagas these days? My hubby's grandma does, but other than that, not so much!

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