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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Facebook has Helped me Lose Weight

Call me crazy but I love Facebook. I love it for it's endless distractions, and for it's wealth of information.  I truly believe FB has helped me lose weight, too.

  1. Recipe Sharing- If I post "How in the world do I cook Kohlrabi?", I am guaranteed to have at least one friend (often 5-10) respond with links and recipes!  I also love reading what my friends are cooking and requesting recipes from them!
  2. Inspiration- I am not going to lie. I am motivated by seeing pictures of my friends that have either lost weight, or kicked their baby weight.
  3. New Ideas- Whether it's Zumba, P90x, Couch to 5k Program, or Yoga, I love learning about new trends in fitness. I am not saying I partake in all trends, but I like learning about new ones so I can take what is doable for me in my life!
  4. Support- Have a question about a local farm? Post about it, someone's been there. Need to hear opinions on organic vs. non-organic milk? Post about it, someone will have an opinion.  
  5. Morale- I LOVE posting about my runs. I have my own little group of cheerleaders that leave me sweet comments encouraging me to keep up the good work! 

Are you on Facebook? If so, "Like Us"!  What has Facebook helped you do? Leave a comment!

1 comment:

Jennifer Parke Photography said...

I agree facebook and blogs push me to learn more about what my family is eating and help me get inspired - especially by you!