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Sunday, January 30, 2011

That Food You're Eating, Is It Real?

The above question has plagued me for a few years now...what is "real" food and what is processed? Generally, if it came from the Earth, it's real. If it didn't, you might need to take a closer look.

I stumbled across this visual made by Summer Tomato and couldn't help but giggle and share it with you!

What do you think?


Katie Gregg said...

Well, I have an issue. :) This chain takes you to meat or produce, and says go ahead and eat:

Does it have a label? Yes
Does it make health claims? No
Was it ever alive? Yes

BUT...lots of "foods" we shouldn't eat could fall under this category: hot dogs, vegetables in cream sauces, potato chips, etc!

Caits said...

hahaha great point, Katie!!!