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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My First 5k!!!

On Saturday, one of my oldest best friends and I ran in 14-degree-weather, on complete snow and ice~ 3.1 miles, my first 5k Race! The run was called Rachel's Run for William's Syndrome and was held in Audubon, PA. I wanted to do this run as my first for a good reason: my husband's little cousin has William's Syndrome! You can check out this link for lots of info about WS.

Anyway, Rachel's Run for William's Syndrome was held by The McEvoy's in honor of their daughter Rachel who has WS.  As you can see, it was COLD! It was 14 degrees when we began, and 18 when we got in the car to drive home. CRAZY!  The cold did not deter me at all though, I am used to running outside in the wintery cold!


I was, however, nervous in general. I was talking a mile-per-minute. My stomach was going crazy. I felt totally out of sorts, yet excited. We lined up at the starting line. I looked around as I got my ipod ready. What was I doing?!!


I had two goals for this race:
  1. Try not to walk.
  2. Don't be the last one to cross the finish line!
I will have you know I met one of my goals, but I am totally fine with that. We never ever expected that the course would be snow-covered!!! With ice!! So, we did walk twice, after two major hills between miles 2 and 3. Oh well!

We were certainly well within my second goal. We held hands across the finish line and finished #79 and #80 out of about 146 people!!!! YAYYYY!

It was definitely one of the hardest physical things I have ever done in my life, probably second to labor only. Crazy, right?


We finished in 39 minutes, when I was expecting to finish in about 30 or so. During the run, I was not pleased with how much I was struggling, and even told Janelle that maybe we should not count this as my first 5k, but after we finished and started to process the run, I feel really awesome about it! Proud!

I am excited to do my next one, this time with my hubby, in March!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

congrats friend!!!! i know, once you finish the race, it hooks you! so proud of you!!! and not a bad time, especially for bittttter cold temps!!!! viv