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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Totally missed last week so let's try again!

  1. It's snowing! I love snow. Not just because I am a teacher. I have always loved snow. But I haaaaaate driving in it. I hate shoveling it, and quite honestly, I do not love playing in it. I feel like if we lived somewhere else I would like it, but for now, we don't have our own yard, nor do we have a mudroom or anything like that for all the wet clothes!
  2. I raided Produce Junction today and for $20 got: tons of bananas (2.5 bunches!), 2 packs of blueberries, 3 bags of carrots, 2 bunches of romaine lettuce, 3 onions, a bag of brussels sprouts, a bag of tomatoes-on-the-vine, and 2 bunches of celery!
  3. We came right home and made beef veggie soup in the crock pot. Mmmm.
  4. Before I picked up the babe at babysitting, I ran 2.5mi at the park right up the road from the sitter. It was a really hard run for me. I have decided that I HATE running on a track. All I can do is think when-am-I-done over and over again. Oy.
  5. My first 5k is in 1.5 weeks AHHHH.
  6. I also signed up for a 5k in March, WITH the hubby!
  7. After months of debating, I finally went to the local running store and got fitted for sneakers. It turns out, the ones I was using had virtually no support, so thank goodness I went.  
  8. Organic vs. Greek contest. I have purchased organic from time to time (always plain), and it's always so runny! Greek has always been deliciously creamy---Fage is my favorite. Thankfully, Ava eats all of them. She impressed J's aunt Friday night with her yogurt love. We were waiting for his uncle to return with some sandwiches and pizza, and Ava decided she didn't want pizza, rather she wanted YOGURT. And NOW. :)
  9. I know I said I love snow, but I secretly am pining for the warmth of spring. 
  10. I have a new farm that I am totally in love with (don't worry, totally separate from our CSA!)....I need to write a post about it!

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