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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Mama's Girl!
  1. We are SMACK-dab in the middle of winter here in Philly. We have been getting snow and/or ice each and every week since Christmas! Pretty crazy.  I do not really mind it but I do mind how miserable people act because of it. I know you want to be warm, we all do, but let's not talk about it over-and-over-and-over again!!! :)
  2. My sister rocks and often sends me groupons and other goodies since it is literally her job to scout out deals. This week's deal is a home-delivery of organic produce. I am so excited! Thank you, Devon!
  3. What are your favorite hummus recipes? I want to make some but never have (gasp!).
  4. We are having friends over Saturday night and I am thinking I will actually make food instead of copping out and ordering pizza or something. I get performance anxiety!!!!
  5. I survived my first 5k on Saturday! A post will be coming soon!
  6. What is your favorite local (serving locally grown food) restaurant? I am trying to decided where to go for my birthday dinner which is coming fast!!!!
  7. Did I tell you I am now writing more regularly for Eat Local Philly?  Make sure you add it to your google reader, it's an amazing resource!
  8. Have you read this article about Taco Bell?  I hope to god it's not true, but have always kind of felt this way in my heart-----a pending lawsuit is claiming that the ground beef is only 35% beef, the rest are fillers and other junk. Puke fest.
  9. I woke up at 3am because my cat recently has decided he wants to be a maniac in the middle of the night. I laid in bed until 4am, then got up.  It felt like a good idea at the time but now I am getting sleepy and it's only 5:46am!
  10. Does anybody want to buy our house? We will be listing it in the next six months, so feel free to take it off our hands!:):):)


Michelle J said...

SO excited you are selling the house - it will be nice to finally have enough room (if that ever happens...haha)!! Good Luck with the whole process! Also, AWESOME job on the 5K. I was thinking of you in the cold that morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey - in regards to where to eat on your bday, have you ever eaten pizza at Jules in Doylestown? They use only locally produced organic ingredients, gluten-free crust, and honestly it is the best pizza I have ever had! I know they get their tomatoes from a farm in Perkasie, and make their tomato sauce fresh daily from organic tomatoes! Delish!!!!

Caits said...

Thank you Michelle!!

Meredith---you know what, yes I have. BUT I'm not a pizza person!!! So, I do want to get JP there because I think he'd like it but not for my bday:):)!