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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ledamete Grass Farm

Ledamete Grass Farm is located in Schnecksville, PA, in Lehigh County. Pronounced, "Let 'em Eat", Ledamete Grass Farm believes in raising their animals naturally in a way that benefits the local eco-system. They raise pastured Cornish Cross chickens, Narragansetts and Bourbon Red heritage breed turkeys, Broad-breasted turkeys, and pasture and forest raised Tamworth heritage pigs.

According to their website:
When eating meat from our farm you can feel good knowing that the animals lived a healthy and happy life, the local ecosystem is enriched and protected, and your food dollars are spent with local farmers who are invested in the community where you live.
Ledamete Grass Farm practices pasture-based farming -- from their website:
In factory farming manure is a waste product requiring storage and transportation and often leading to pollution while in pasture based farming manure is a wonderful source of organic fertilizer spread by the animals themselves. In addition, well-managed pasture-land provides natural erosion control and creates wildlife habitat for a multitude of plant and animal species.
Chicken, turkey and pork are available by appointment at the farm, or through the CSAs they partner with.

You can contact the Fix Family here: April and Rob Fix 610-767-4984,

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