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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I am writing to you from the depths of croupy-ear infection hell! My poor sweet Abers has been sick since Friday! Arg! I have not been to work yet this week, and am really, really grateful for my students and their understanding parents!
  2. I started using a Nike + iPod Sport Kit while running (thanks, hubby for the sweet bday gift!) and it is awesome!!! I ran on Sunday and logged my first day in the Bridge to 10k program~ and went my farthest ever: 4.7mi!!!!!
  3. We are in the middle of a three-week trial with Organics Delivered (thanks to my sister!). It is awesome. I LOVE it! It's all organic, though it's not local produce. It isn't something we would choose to do year round, but man is it sweet in the cold days of winter!!!
  4. Be sure to enter our current giveaway~ Happy Baby- The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months
  5. Speaking of giveaways, you still have one more day to enter to win Real Food (book) and a Trader Joe's Gift Certificate at!!!!
  6. My hubby has been helping me cook lately and I must say I LOVE IT! Together we've concocted two rather gourmet meals and it's so thrilling!
  7. Since I have been home sick with my little mama, I have been raiding our freezer stash (soups, pasta sauce, applesauce). I am so thankful to have it all on-hand! I have not purchased any canned soup in over a year and actually cringe at the thought now-a-days. We used to LIVE on it.
  8. Does it annoy anybody else that you can order a meal on a menu that says it contains crab, yet when it arrives at the table, it's imitation crab??? Blech. 
  9. One of my good friends and my sister have gotten on board with me and have joined my CSA! I am thrilled and cannot wait to have some partners in crime this season.
  10. I think I am going to buy a yogurt maker since I didn't love my crock-pot you own one?  Which one? Why do you love it?  Thanks!!

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