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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tellurian Baby Review and Offer

Have you heard the awesome news- Tellurian Naturals has launched a baby line of natural products!!!  Tellurian Naturals was created by Jane Leeves (of Frasier fame!) and Ron Lewis (founder of Cosmetic Technologies) and the name means "pertaining to the Earth".  Jane and Ron have teamed up to create line of natural body care that is both people and Earth friendly.
I am really excited about their latest venture--a Baby Line!!!

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Baby Oil, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash, Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion, Diaper Cream and I must tell you I am VERY happy with the results.

Baby Oil: I tested the Unscented, Scented, and Soothing-Calming varieties. The oil was a nice consistency- not too watery, not too oily, not too thick!  Both the scented and soothing-calming oils smelled DELICIOUS.  The scents are light, airy, soothing, and not overwhelming at all.  You have to take a good inhale to smell it when you open the bottle---there is no nasty wall of perfume waiting to pummel your nasal passages, just sweet and simple goodness!

Lotion: I tested the regular lotion and use it everyday on Ava. The lotion has a very faint, warm scent and leaves skin feeling nice and moisturized!  I love the consistency, I think it's just right for baby---not too thick! I don't know about your kid, but mine is a wild lady and does not lay long for any type of lotion rubdown. She giggles, squirms and rolls away!  I find that with this lotion, I am able to get it all rubbed in quick enough- before she's gallavanting down the hall.

Diaper Cream: The diaper cream is nice and thick and treats diaper rash really well. The main ingredient is Zinc Oxide, and then contains soothing and protecting emollients to help baby heal.

Body Wash: This tearless body wash is mild enough to use on babies and smells really good. Again, the smell is not overwhelming, it's really sweet and simple.  I love that it comes in a bottle with a pump.  When you are juggling a toddler, a wash cloth, and a slippery bottle of body wash, the bottle always seems to go flying into the tub!  Not so with Tellurian Baby! It sits nicely on the tub and makes washing much less stressful (for mommy!).

Shampoo: The shampoo had more of the same goodness- tearless, gentle, mild scented, and even has ingredients that help shine and condition hair!

2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash: You already know what I am going to say---it's awesome. There's a pump to make bathing easy, and you can use it on the body and hair which is very convenient for those quick bathtimes!

Body Wash: The Body Wash is more goodness, soapy but not too soapy, yummy-smelling, but not overwhelming. It's mild enough to be tearless and comes in a pump bottle which I probably will never ever be able to buy a normal bottle again because I love this so much!!!!!

These products are not tested on animals and are manufactured in an organic factory!  Check out the website for more information regarding specific ingredients and to purchase.

Good news! Tellurian Baby has provided you guys with a 25% off coupon code that can be used on their website! Just enter: BTK when checking out. Enjoy!!!!

Thank you to Tellurian Baby who provided us with samples to help facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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