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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I turned 28 yesterday! Dang I feel old!
  2. I got my first iphone today! I am hooked! What are your favorite apps???
  3. Sometimes I think about going on a whole food/ real food/ non-processed food cleanse. I'm not sure if I could go 100%...could you?
  4. I am giving something special away on Mama Cheaps tomorrow! Make sure you check her site!
  5. A radio dj mentioned the movie Dead Poets' Society yesterday and now I really have a hankering to watch it!
  6. Thanks to weelicious for the AMAZING chilli recipe they posted last week! I made it this weekend and it was a huge hit at a party we attended.
  7. I think people think I eat much better than I do, based on my interests. Believe me, I still eat my fair share of m&ms and all that. If it's in the house I WILL eat it. :-x hahah
  8. My little honey fell off a chair today and busted her lip. I was impressed with my ability to stay calm while her lip was shooting blood. I am very grateful for boo-boo buddies. Ava certainly won't hold ice on her face, but she will hang out with Elmo!
  9. I am going to force my hubby to finish off the delicious cake my sister & brother-in-law baked for me so I will STOP eating it!! :)
  10. I'm venturing out in my soup-making world this week--making chicken corn chowder! Mmm. I will let you know how it turns out!

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