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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Snap! There's an App for That!

Welcome to our new Friday Edition~ Oh Snap! There's an App for That!!!!

This will be a simple weekly post that points you to my new favorite app! I'm a new iphone user and am just in heaven!!!!
Price: Free
Why it's Awesome: Thanks to my buddy Nicole for turning me onto this awesome app!  I can now easily make my shopping list, AND share it with my hubby so I can make sure he home with the right products- without fielding 20 phone calls during his 15-minute-trip!  I can share my list with him and we can even use coupons! Hear that, Mama Cheaps?

1 comment:

Larann said...

Jon and I use this also on our Droids! and it was free! Love this app, even moreso because it has coupons you can print :)