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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mixing Cream Back into Whole Milk

Trickling Springs Creamery has a wonderful article about un-homogenized (cream-on-top) milk.  Every once and awhile, the cream can be difficult to mix back into the milk.  Here are their suggestions for mixing it back in:

To mix the cream back into the milk, the first step is to break the cream top so you can shake the milk; take a kitchen knife and break the cream cap that is on the top of the milk. You may want to pour some of the milk out to make some room at the top of the bottle to shake it. Get a good grip on the bottle; shake it very well. If the non-homogenized cream still does not want to mix back in try some of our suggestions below or you can skip to the next section on ways to use the cream without shaking it back in.
If the cream is too hard that shaking it won’t mix the cream back into the milk, you can try one of the following ideas:
  1. The best suggestion we had was by Lynn on our Facebook page who suggested using an Immersion Blender to mix the cream back into the milk.
  2. Another similar method is to pour the milk into a mixing bowl and use a hand held wire whisk or electric blender on a low speed to break the cream back into the milk.
  3. You can also pour the milk through a wire strainer. Using the back of a spoon press the cream through the strainer back into the milk; stir or shake the milk, it should mix back in as the cream was broken down while going through the strainer.

Click here to read the full article.

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