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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Organic Milk

 We have officially made the switch in our organic milk.  I had been reading about it and it just makes sense to me. Sure we buy the milk that has not been injected with steroids, or pumped with antibiotics, but what about their diet? Who knows what they are eating.

Organic milk is more expensive (boo!) but gives that assurance that your cows are eating the way nature intended them.
 One cool fact about organic milk is it's shelf-life. Because it's ultra-pasteurized the expiration date is often more than one month from your purchase date!

It does go on sale, so make sure you try to buy when it's on sale.  You can also find coupons for it. My sister features coupon matchups on her site and one of her weekly posts features organic coupons. Check it out here!

I am still very interested in buying local milk and a friend told me a little spot in Franconia sells local organic milk which is very ideal but not quite in my radar as far as being a quick little trip. It's not far from me, I am just never out that way these days!

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