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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toddler Tip: Picky/Finicky Eaters

I was so proud and excited to make applesauce from scratch for Ava. She loves "APP-A-SAUCE" and eats it almost every day.  We made it in the crock-pot and smelled it all day.  Ava went to bed before it was ready, so JP and I enjoyed some warm applesauce goodness that night by ourselves.

When Ava woke up the next day, I couldn't wait to present her with this beautifully delicious treat.

She took one look at it and screamed, "NO!?"


She refused to eat it.  I showed her how mommy loves it and how yummy it is, and she wouldn't budge. Crap. Has she turned picky on my overnight? Am I a failure as an applesauce-maker!?

I persisted and offered her some homemade applesauce each day (and did not offer any of the remaining store-bought).  I noticed that the color is very different than what she was used to- the Mott's is yellowy-white, and mine is a rich brown, so I thought that might have deterred her.  While I was unpacking her lunchbox one day, a lightbulb went off---I should rinse out a Mott's container and put her applesauce in there! Crazy, but it just might work!

Guess what? It did!!!!!!! She scarfed it down! She loved it! YAY!!!!! I have my Ava back! I gave her applesauce in that container one more day, and then switched to some BPA-free tupperware that was the same size. She ate it.

It's the little things in life, people! I am proud to announce that Ava will now eat MY applesauce in any bowl and she loves it.  I don't know that I will be buying jarred applesauce again, the recipe was so easy and nutritious- WOO HOO!!!!!!

ps- Those sweet aprons can be purchased here!

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