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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Healthy Foods Your Child Might Love

From Parents magazine...Though I think Baby A would love all of these, J and I would, too!

1. Fruit Parfait Layer fat-free yogurt, fruit, & crushed cereal into a non-breakable ice cream dish.
2. Smoothie Mix fruit with juice or fat-free yogurt or milk
        *I make smoothies with 1 banana and any combo of fruit---blueberries, strawberries, oranges...The
          banana seems to be creamy enough to not use yogurt, though yogurt is delish, too!
3. Eggs Lay cookie cutters on a frying pan, fill it with egg, and then sprinkle veggies in together
          Baby A's favorite combo: diced tomatoes, broccoli, and feta cheese!
4. Veggie Tic Tac Toe Draw the grid on a paper plate, then play with cut up veggies
5. Pepper Bowl Fill a hollowed pepper with chicken salad or hummus. Slice up some carrot sticks for
6. Taste Test Cut up veggies, blindfold your child, and have them taste and guess what each is.
7. Quickie Pizza Let your child put tomato sauce & shredded cheese on a tortilla. Add veggies, then
8. Homemade Fruit Pops Pour juice into ice-pop trays. Drop in chopped berries and oranges, add a
            stick, freeze.
9. Waffle Face Have your child create a face or pattern with strawberry or banana slices.
10. Frozen Fruit  Freee grabes and blueberries- they're just like mini popsicles!

Some of these will have to wait until Baby A is a bit older, but for now there's no reason we can't enjoy them! :)

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