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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why You're Fat

According to Dr. Oz this week, there are five foods that are making you fat.  Get them out of your kitchen today. 

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They are as follows:
 1. Simple Sugars (jelly, jam).  Replace with whole fruit.  Try cut up strawberries on your sandwich instead.
2. Syrups (sodas). Drink water!
3. White Flours (pizza dough, bread). White flour means that all the "good stuff" has been taken out and replaced with fillers. Replace with whole grains--make sure they are 100% whole grain.
 4. Saturated Fats (fats from animals- sausage). Replace with chicken, salmon.
 5. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils--to extend shelf life: fried foods, food that can live on the shelf for years). Replace with a rice cake + peanut butter + raisins (we LOVE that snack yummmm)!

He says to lose 12lbs this year, follow these steps:

Day 1: Dump your fridge from the above foods
Day 2: Get 10,000 Steps, Cut 100 calories per day
Day 3: Automate your meals - Have an easy routine. Dinner= protien, whole grains, and greens . Use a 9 inch or smaller plate.
Day 4: Control emotions and surround yourself with other healthy eaters for support. Ignore sabotagers!
Day 5: Learn how to cheat and make your body think you're full. Add spices to all meals, even breakfast.
Day 6: Call your doctor if you need help.
Day 7: Go public. Talk to your friend about your healthy eating. This will help you be accountable.
Day 8: Measure your waist size, repeat days 1-7.

What do you think? Do you have a lot of the above foods in your fridge? We have more than we should but we do have a lot of good foods in there as well. I am going to weed through them and throw out the jelly and other major offenders...while J is at work:)

How about the two-week plan? I have no idea what my waist size is. I probably should measure and maybe I can gage my losses that way instead of by stepping on the wretched scale!

Thanks, to Dr. Oz for the tips!

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