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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeding Baby Green

This is the book that started my love affair with food and feeding my daughter.  Dr. Greene wrote an easy to read, packed full of information book that is divided by stages/ages (pregnancy, breastfeeding, first foods, etc).

The whole premise of this book is ---if you feed your child only bland mass-processed jarred/boxed/blended foods, then you may end up with a picky eater on your hands.  The idea is to feed your baby real food- with real textures, real colors, less preservatives, real spices....and the list goes on.

My girlfriend fed her baby "real" food from the start and I am continually impressed by the food she eats!  At three, she would sit at preschool with her homemade portobello mushroom pasta, while all the children next to her ate: lunchables, chicken fingers, and mac n cheese from a plastic container.  Every. Single. Day.  The next day, little T would bring in an indian inspired meal, while her neighbors chowed down on bland, salty, nutritionless "kid" meals.  I knew I wanted to raise my child like that and begged R for help. At my baby shower, she gave me some books that I still refer to now and then!

Baby A is currently 9 months and eats everything you see on this blog.  Naysayers keep telling me that she will be picky as a toddler just like their kid, which I hope is not true, but we shall see! For now, so far so good!!!

I bought my book from Amazon.

Thanks for the image.

1 comment:

mrsptb said...

I registered for this book! And many others like it. Along with my cloth diaper registry, not many people seem to be on board with my hopes for raising a healthy baby. You are lucky to have lots of people on your side!