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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who? What? Why?

Just a few short years ago, I called my sister panicked.

D: "Hello?"
C: "Quick! How do you make tacos?!"
D: "Zuh?"
C: "I'm trying to make tacos and I think I'm doing it wrong!"

It was a family joke for a long while...and this wasn't the first food-related distress call. Usually my sister was the recipient, ("How do you bake a potato? How do I know when chicken is done?") and sometimes my mother-in-law or aunt catches the duty.

I am not the kind of girl who lives with regrets. I try to take each day by the balls and make the most of it. That being said, I do have one huge regret- that I didn't pay attention to my mother's cooking.  I never offered to help, never wanted to be taught, and never pressured my mom to help me figure it all out. She died in 2003 and I was stuck. I could make pasta and grilled cheese (barely).

I knew nothing about spices. Hated most veggies. Never had fresh produce on hand. Yeesh. It's a wonder my husband married me- his grandmother's cooking is famous (amongst our family anyway!).

I started to gain more and more interest and began to educate myself. Every day I struggle to find the real answers instead of shrugging and saying, "Can't be that bad for me, yum!" (my husband loves that phrase).

Once my daughter was born, I began to panic. How do I expose her to the right foods? How do I get her to have a diverse palate (something I was not raised with)?  How do I make sure she's not just eating junk!?

I found some great books, talked to a lot of people and read a lot of websites...and here I am, right in the middle of my journey. I like to post what I'm making in my facebook status and people are always interested in hearing the recipe. That got me to thinking- I should be recording all this and then I can make it into my own cookbook some day (, blog to book).

Still with me? Awesome.

Here's my disclaimer.
*I'm not an expert.
I'm not a doctor.
Always consult your child's pediatrician before introducing solid foods.

I think that covers it. This site is meant to be fun and sometimes informative. Got ideas? Recipes for me to try? Send me a message!

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