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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I would be so lost...

...without foil casserole dishes!!!

Normally I use reusable materials when cooking at home, but when taking a casserole to somebody's house, this is the perfect vehicle! I use these at home sometimes for freezing meals, too.  I have heard you can use a glass dish, lined with foil, freeze that, and then after a day, take the casserole out of the dish and voila, the foil supports/holds it in. I will have to try that, not that that's completely earth friendly either.

Anyway, you can find these at the grocery store- 2 or 3 for around $4.50.  Great invention!


Bianca T. said...

I love those as well. I usually grab them at the 'dollar store' and depending on the size- the smaller ones are 2/$1.

C said...

Ahhhh! Really? Wow I way overpay!! Thanks for the tip!