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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling, smelling, tasting

Eating with a baby is such a fun adventure. I make a point to prepare A's food in front of her. If it's something that needs a lot of preparation or blending, I generally have her in her high chair in the kitchen. Otherwise, I take it all into the dining room and prepare it right on her tray.

We always make every attempt to do the following steps together:

1. Touch the fruit/veggie. Even though she is young (9 months old), I describe it to her.  I try to explain what we are about to do- "The skin is hard, we are going to cut it open so we can smell and taste the juicy fruit inside!"
2. Smell it. Describe how it smells.
3. The best step- TASTE it!

These pictures show Baby A exploring and tasting kiwi- she loved it!

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