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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let her at it!

As many of you know, I own a photography business, but during the week I am also a special educator, working with children in Early Intervention (3-5 year olds).  Due to my "day job" revolving around skill development, I am constantly trying to incorporate skill-building into Baby A's natural environment.  We started giving her a spoon with each meal a few months ago and slowly but surely, she learned how to use it! More recently, we began giving her a fork, and by golly, she's starting to "get" that, too!

Our most recent skill came from the "dippy egg" craze~ teaching her how to dip. It not only develops hand-eye coordination, but it also encourages strengthening of that pincer grasp that we educators are oh-so-concerned about in older children (not to mention--it's FUN!).

Though it can get very messy, Baby A loves trying to dip!  I gave her the last of the hummus (there was not much left, don't get too worked up!), some celery, and let her have a go....check it out, she had a blast!

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