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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where'd Ya Get Those!?!?!

Check out the aprons in our header! Baby A, me, and Ava's doll have one!!! We all coordinate without being matchy-matchy! 

My good friend KC of The Diaper Bag Wrangler whipped them up for us~ pretty cool, huh?

KC makes aprons, diaper changing accessories, and nursing accessories, all in trendy, pretty fabrics so you can care for your baby while still being in style----which believe me, I get. When I got pregnant, I called her right away because no way was I going to settle for the tacky cartoon character things I was seeing in the stores.

I'm also a fan of KC's headbands, so you should really just take a gander over there!

KC is a 1 year breast cancer survivor and she recently added some chemo caps to her boutique.

She's from PA so local mamas will be supporting a local mom-owned business, which is awesome in itself!

Thank you so much, KC!!!

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