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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Restaurant Review from Baby's View: Cafe Estelle

A  Restaurant Review from Baby's View

Where: Cafe Estelle 444 North 4th Street, Philadelphia PA

Who:  2 adults, 1 one year old

For Mother's Day, I wanted to go out to brunch with my husband and daughter. I didn't want something fancy, and I certainly did not want to go to a chain restaurant.  I asked friends for suggestions via facebook and was rapidly overwhelmed by all of the suggestions. I ran a search on and the first suggestion was Cafe Estelle.

I enjoyed the reviews I read and loved:
  • Most everything is local, organic, fair-trade, and free-range
  • They have a coffee bar boasting organic, fair-trade coffee, AND to-go cups for when you are leaving!
  • The prices were good~ $13 and under for most breakfasts

The cafe is sweet and sunny and is nestled in a loft apartment building in Northern Liberties.  We had no trouble locating it and enjoyed free parking in their lot.  We were told there was a 20-minute wait, but we actually ended up waiting about five before we were seated.  The waitstaff was friendly, warm, efficient, and all looked like they just stepped out of anthropologie~ very cute.

We never ask for a children's menu, so I am not sure if they offer one, but instead asked if we could modify the adult menu for Baby A and they were happy to oblige.  For A, we ordered one pancake and one egg, and they came with a small serving of fruit.  J ordered a peanut butter banana smoothie which we ALL enjoyed!  For breakfast, he had steak and eggs which arrived perfectly cooked with fruit and homefries on the side.  He doused them in their thick firey red hot sauce, which left him grabbing for his water a few times!  My food was also amazing. I ordered an omelet, which is standard for me, but was really excited to try something new~ a scallop, avocado, scallion omelet. What!? YUM! Sooooo good! Mine also came with potatoes and fruit.  On the menu, our meals were supposed to come with toast, but when I requested wheat, I was told that they only had fresh baguette that day. Random, but wayyyyy too much to eat- the bread was thick and tough, but A and J enjoyed it.  J and I each had coffee~ with breakfast we enjoyed the Havana blend which was flavorful and not too bold.  In our to-go cups, I again had Havana and J tried something else, but I did not catch what blend he picked.

Baby A fit right in, there were tons of families with babies and kids, and she had a grand old time waving to EVERYONE:) 

I read online that the wait times can get a bit high, but for a holiday, I was very impressed. We couldn't have been happier with our experience and look forward to visiting again!

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