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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make Your Own: Dippy Eggs!

We recently started making dippy eggs in the morning for breakfast and Baby A LOVES them! They are a great source of protein & vitamin D, and when using bread for dipping that is comprised of hearty whole grains, you get a good dose of fiber, too! 

Baby A still needs to be supervised closely or else the egg will go flying to the floor (knock on wood, this has not happened), but she loves dipping her bread, blowing on it (to make sure it's not hot) and then eating it!

I had never made a soft-boiled egg before last week but I have yet to screw one up!

1. Boil water in a pot.
2. Use a spoon to place an egg in the water.
3. Boil for seven minutes.
4. Remove egg with a spoon and run cold water over it.
5. With a butter knife, tap around the top of the egg to crack the shell, then remove it.
6. Remove the top of the egg (I slice it for Baby A to stab with her fork).
7. Serve with whole grain bread.


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