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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nutritionist Appointment

So about two months ago, I met with a nutritionist for the first time. Insurance covers it 100%, so I thought, why not?

During our first visit, we went through a workbook that included starches, starchy veggies, meats (lean, fatty, "okay" meats), dairy, fruits, veggies.  She had examples of the foods in their actual portion sizes (play food).  This was not entirely new to me, as I have learned about portion size before, but it was good to have such a concrete guide.  We talked about what I was currently doing food & exercise-wise, and goals for the future.  She asked me to keep a food journal, which I did for three we

I returned Thursday evening and the first thing I did was hop on the scale. Oh sweet relief, I'm down 8.5 pounds! She was thrilled and I was proud (even though I check several times a week, so I knew I'd been fluctuating between 8-10 lbs).

 Me last week with a new baby cousin.

We sat down together and talked about all the changes I had made (portion-size, brown rice, using a wok, snacking on plain air-popped popcorn, cutting out fast food, cutting out fatty breakfast meats, making better choices when dining out, and dining out less).

She seemed really happy with everything and we both agreed that I was still lacking in one area~ exercise.  I am not an exerciser. I love yoga, love dancing, and want to be a runner, but I do none of these consistently.  She encouraged me to slowly work it in to my schedule and we set a goal and getting out and moving (or staying and moving) on my days off, Monday and Friday.  That's doable.  She said not to aim for 5 days a week or 20 minutes per day. She said to just aim to get moving and hopefully it will be fun and act as stress relief, instead of being stressful! 

On Friday, I woke up and was exhausted. Last thing I felt like doing was "getting moving", but as soon as I heard Baby A over the monitor, I got her up, put on some sweats, handed her a sippy of milk and took her out in her stroller. I walked for about 15 minutes and ran for almost five. I got home and was a sweaty mess, which makes me feel like I did well.

What are your tricks for getting exercise in?  I truly do want it to be apart of my life, something I "miss" when I don't do....

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