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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Snacking Smartly

I am a huge sucker for popcorn. Imagine my dismay when I read how bad packaged microwave popcorn can be for you. I always buy the 94% fat free variety, but sheesh. Preservatives, chemicals, ew.

My little brother suggested a popcorn popper that his friend has and loves, so I picked one up. I followed his exact suggestion and got the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper on Amazon.

I was worried it would be hard to use, but it's EASY as pie! You just pour in some kernals (1/2 a cup, and it comes with a measuring cup), and plug it in. Bang.

I bought the kernals at Target, but you can get them anywhere, and the only ingredient is whole wheat kernals. Nice!

One word of warning~ watch out, this thing is no joke, they fly out and fill a HUGE bowl!

1 comment:

Joshua said...

Jenn and I love popcorn, and about a year ago we started using a stove top Whirley Pop. I picked it up at the Popcorn Works in Telford along with a few bags of yellow corn. We use 3 table spoons of popcorn along with a few splashes of extra virgin olive oil and it makes a fantastic and delicious snack. Popping our own has saved us so much money. $25 for the popper and $6 for 5lbs of corn. We eat a lot of popcorn so in 1 year we spent $12 on 10lbs of corn. With that nasty microwave stuff it was $4 a week ($208 a year). But more important than cost is the fact that it tastes better and is much healthier!