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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Baby A's first birthday!!!!  So, if you are reading in google reader, go ahead and click over to the blog, you'll want to see these photos!

Baby A's "big present" was not yours truly's idea, it was that of my husband's and I really almost didn't go for it! We got her a kitchen set.

I put it off, telling him that she wasn't ready, that she's too young, and that she won't be WOW'd by it.  I ended up finding a really cute "grow-with-me" kitchen by Fisher Price that is for ages 1 1/2-5 and was intrigued. A little research and I was hooked. Check it out here.

I know, SO cute!!!! So, was she wow'd? Actually, yes! Her mouth was wide open, and she kept repeating this noise that sounds like "uh" which we think is her "wow". She kept bending over and getting eye level with it and repeating the noise over and over, it was really cute!

I'm pleased to report, she's moved on to picking up the play phone and saying "dada", feeding her babies in the high chair, stirring in the pot, and taking out the sink so she can shove everything down the hole, which she promptly retrieves through the cabinets underneath!

Pretty cool, huh? Here's a few pictures~

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